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L 22/23 sought to be our first boat

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Name: Gerry Marzahn
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L 22/23 sought to be our first boat

Post by SailorGerry » Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:15 pm

We, me (31) and my longtime girlfriend (27), have recently moved to the Netherlands (her homeland) and want to take advantage of the ample opportunities to sail here after spending considerable time in more mountainous terrain where it was impossible.
We have much Dingy experience and want to upgrade.
After researching it became clear to us that we want a Bilgekeel boat (for the Waddenzee) that is sturdy and has a good community of owners. We are set on getting a Leisure 22 or 23 as we find the boat to be a perfect size.
We would prefer an inboard engine version to outboard.

The real reason I posted here, rather than just purchasing a boat in Holland or Germany (where there seem to be quite a number of them available) is that I thought it could be fun to sail the boat over from the UK with the previous owner/s.

Alone I wouldn't ever consider this challenging voyage in such a busy area with a new boat but I thought with the previous owner it would be a great way to get to know the boat and its 'secrets'. This is only really a viable idea for boats located on the East Coast of England, preferably the SE, since the passage would be too long from Scotland let alone West Coast. My future harbour will be Amsterdam/Jimuiden. I would obviously cover the cost of the return journey by plane and a night in a hotel, on top of the price of the boat.

If anybody wants to sell their boat and feels like they'd be up for doing this next year in spring or early summer some time then please get in touch. If you know of a boat anywhere on the continent I'd also be grateful for the info. Email me at

Best, G