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How to Use the For Sale and Wanted Forums

Leisure Yachts for Sale,
Advertise a Leisure Yacht here for free. Members can post adverts directly, non-members may e-mail adverts to
Colin Shead
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How to Use the For Sale and Wanted Forums

Post by Colin Shead »

Members of the Association can place adverts on this forum. Each advert is a new topic within the relevant forum or sub forum. There is no charge for material that is relevant to Leisure Yachts, or their owners. The For Sale and Wanted Forums are open to the general public to read.

Non-Members may e-mail the details and a photo(s) to who will post it on your behalf.

Adverts should be limited to 100 words and a few photographs (optional) and must contain a contact name, a phone number (best in the international format e.g. +44 (0) 44 1376 514243), and optionally a web site and/or an e-mail address.

Photos help boats sell and should be uploaded in an appropriate resolution, large files will take a long time to download. Generally it is best to reduce to a file size no larger than 500kB. Advice on how to reduce the size photographs can be found on the forum. Photos must be in the .jpg (or .jpeg format).

It is beneficial to include an e-mail address, but there is some risk that publishing an e-mail address may result in an increased level of spam. If this is a concern it is recommended that you create a temporary hotmail or gmail address to use for the advert; this can be discarded when the boat has been sold. Please e-mail if you need further advice on this subject.

Adverts are left on the web for 6 months, unless otherwise notified and :
  • should be deleted when the yacht or equipment is sold
  • will in any case be removed after 6 months unless you advise that you wish it to be continued
  • will not be approved (and may be removed or edited) unless they conform to the Association Forum Rules and Marketplace Guidance
SELLERS : Please take care when accepting payment for your craft of other goods. Our site has been targeted occasionally by the unscrupulous. Owners have been approached making unusual business proposals for boat purchase. These offers are not genuine.

If you receive e-mails offering 'unusual' forms of payment please seek advice before becoming involved, or even responding. Beware of fake bankers drafts or bouncing cheques; make sure you have the cash in the bank before parting with the goods! If you are at all unsure about e-mails or phone calls you receive from prospective buyers, please contact the Administrator at

Need Help ? or if you have difficulty posting your own advert, e-mail the details and a photo(s) to who will post it on your behalf.

Just Want to Talk ? Prospective Owners can talk to an existing owner, please e-mail your request to and our Administrator will arrange for you to contact a member(s) who own the type of Leisure yacht you are interested in.